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Yamaha THR-Bag amp gig bag

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Protect Your THR Combo!

The Yamaha THR Amp Gig Bag makes good sense. If you're rockin' the super-cool THR5/THR10 combo amp, you undoubtedly know about how great it sounds. Why not complete the THR experience with a padded bag that's custom-built for the THR5 and THR10? The padded THR Amp Gig Bag gives you a safe, secure place to keep your amp when in transit, and it protects it from dust when it's sitting out. It also sports a detachable carrying strap and accessory pocket. Get a Yamaha THR Amp Gig Bag and travel in style!



Yamaha THR Amp Gig Bag Features at a Glance:

  • Padded bag for Yamaha THR5/THR10 combo amps
  • Accessory pocket
  • Detachable carrying strap

Get a Yamaha THR Amp Gig Bag and travel in style!