Yamaha HPH-MT5W Studio Monitor Headphones White

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Product Overview

Styled with white earcups, the Yamaha HPH-MT5W Headphones provide 40mm dynamic drivers with CCAW voice coils that deliver a flat, monitor-grade frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. These studio-quality headphones sport an over-ear, closed-back design for maximum isolation, though the lightweight 0.5 lb construction, three-dimensional arm-pivoting mechanism, and adjustable head slider facilitate a comfortable fit; one that won't prove fatiguing over long listening sessions.

Moveable earcups allow for single-ear monitoring, if hearing your own voice while singing helps you stay in tune. The headphones include a single-sided 10' cable with a gold-plated mini plug, as well as a 1/4" adapter. You'll also note the carrying case which store your headphones when they're not in use.

Accurate Sound for Professional Monitoring

These studio-grade monitor headphones deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source; one that's perfect for studio use, music production at home, or for personal listening.

Lightweight at 0.5 lb

The lightweight construction provides comfortable monitoring even during lengthy, extended sessions.

40mm Drivers

The HPH-MT5W headphones feature 40mm drivers equipped with CCAW voice coils and powerful neodymium magnets. Made from aluminum wire that's been coated in highly conductive copper, these drivers provide a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and deliver a flat and high-resolution sound that meets the demands of professional monitoring.

Components Geared to Mitigate Unwanted Resonances

From the arms to the ear cups, all acoustic components in the HPH-MT5W headphones have been designed to deliver an accurate sound by eliminating extraneous resonances.

Isolation and Comfort

For professional users, it is important that headphones aren't fatiguing during extended listening sessions. Also, headphones should provide isolation to enable maximum concentration while working. The HPH-MT5W headphones provide both comfort and isolation.

Sleek Design

The HPH-MT5W headphones utilize a sleek, stylish design with a closed-back, over-ear configuration.

Luxurious Ear Pads

HPH-MT5W headphones are equipped with large ear pads for a comfortable fit. Smooth synthetic leather and low-resistance cushions absorb excess vibrations.

A Perfect Fit

A three-dimensional arm-pivot construction and adjustable slider allows the angle of the ear pads to fit the shape of the wearer's head to a T, helping to alleviate fatigue when working for extended periods. The headphones also feature moveable earcups, allowing single-ear monitoring when required.


These headphones have been designed to make users aware of the cable without being hindered by it, while providing enough length for monitoring applications where mobility is a consideration. The detachable straight 3m cable comes equipped with a corrosion-resistant gold-plated 3.5mm plug and a gold-plated 1/4" stereo adapter.
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review