Quilter Labs Phantom Block Phantom Powered Electric Guitar Interface

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Product Overview

Go Direct with True Amp Tone

Here's a piece of gear that can save your job, and your reputation — the Quilter Labs Phantom Block phantom-powered electric guitar interface. Similar to a direct box, it allows you to plug your high-impedance guitar signal directly into the low-impedance mic inputs on a mixing board. But unlike a typical direct box, the Phantom Block features amp-like tone and gain controls — perfect if your amplifier fails you, or if it suddenly turns out the gig requires a silent stage with no amplifiers whatsoever. Whatever the reason may be that you find yourself having to go direct into the sound system, the Quilter Labs Phantom Block electric guitar interface will ensure you don't have to sacrifice your tone while doing so.

Can be powered by phantom power

So, for whatever reason, the live sound engineer tells you that you're going to need to go direct to the mixing board with your electric guitar — no problem. Connect the end of your guitar's signal chain to the Phantom Block, then connect it to a mic input on the mixer via XLR cable. Tell the engineer to engage phantom power, and you're now ready to rock with no external power supply required (you can use a 9V power supply or battery if you want, though).

Switchable Cab Sim/Full Range Flat Reponse modes

The Quilter Phantom Block is a smart solution for anyone in the band to go direct to the sound board. Electric guitarists should choose Cab Sim mode for amp-like performance, while acoustic guitarists and keyboard players may want to choose FRFR mode for an un-colored signal.

Compact size makes this a must-have problem solver

Gigging musicians at Sweetwater know that sometimes it's the most inconspicuous piece of gear that can make or break a performance. The compact size of the Phantom Block, as well as its ability to use phantom power, makes it the ideal problem solver to keep in your gig bag. Whether your amp is too loud for the room, it turns out you don't have much room to set it up, or it fails on you during soundcheck, the Quilter Phantom Block will get you out of the bind you find yourself in.

Quilter Phantom Block Electric Guitar Interface Features:

  • Direct box for electric guitar with gain/tone controls and Cab Sim
  • Powered by phantom power, or 9V power supply/battery (sold separately)
  • Allows you to plug your electric guitar directly into a mixing board via XLR cable
  • Gain control ranges from clean to overdrive
  • Full Range Flat Response mode is optimized for acoustic-electric guitar and keyboards

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