Fretlight FG-621SB SunBurst wireless learning electric guitar system Katana Fret service

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Product Overview

The FG-621 Wireless Electric has a classic look, sleek contours, and rocks with the best of them! The robust pickup selection gives you a palette of tones to choose from while the Strat-style alder body gives this guitar a classic look. The two-way truss rod ensures that no matter what the environmental conditions, the neck remains straight and true.

The FG-621 Electric includes our patented wireless lighted learning system and allows a player to light-up songs, chords, scales and riffs right on the neck of the guitar. The Fretlight Wireless Electric connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth BLE.

Includes a micro-USB charger with wall adapter, Allen wrench for the two-way truss rod, and System Operation Guide.

Bluetooth Compatibility

The Fretlight Wireless is compatible with both Android phones and tablets and Apple iPhones and iPads and PC/Mac computers. The Fretlight Wireless guitar utilizes Bluetooth BLE technology. Your mobile device or computer must have Bluetooth BLE, commonly referred to as Bluetooth 4.0, to connect to a Fretlight Wireless guitar. Transmission range will vary, 10-15 feet is best, up to 50 feet is common. 

If you're trying to figure out if your Apple product is compatible go here. Since there are so many different types of Android mobile devices the best way to see if your device is compatible is to download and install the Guitar Tunes app on the Google Play Store.

Quality Construction

Fretlight Guitars are made at the same overseas factory as Dean, Washburn, Epiphone, Fender and others. The factory is a top-of-the-line builder with over six decades of experience and we've been with them since 2003. We've spec'd high quality woods and thorough processes for every phase of construction. If that's not enough, every Fretlight is inspected before it leaves the factory by a U.S. Fretlight representative.


Matching Components

Every component that goes on a Fretlight guitar is designed with the player in mind. Whether it's ase of use, great asthetics, or logial functionality, we've taken care to fit all Fretlights with great components. And by the way, we're guitar players too, so when we put togther different pickup or component combinations as options you can rest assured that we've spent hours making sure that the option will do what it says for the type of music or style you're playing.


A Silky Smooth Fretboard 

We're the only guitar manufacturer in the world to put a polymer fretboard on a wood neck. Of course our advanced polymer neck contains the LED system but there's really more to it. The combination of maple neck and polymer fretboard produces a sustain that we've never heard out of a guitar, regardless of what pickups are on it. That's because physics tells us that passing a tone through a polymer yields a increased frequency resonance (aka sustain) than passing a tone through wood.


The Katana Fret-Level System


What is a Fret-Level?

Think of a fret-level like race-tuning your car's engine. A fret-level is is a process whereby a guitar tech or luthier, removes the strings from the neck of a guitar and and sands the frets across the entire neck, usually with a sanding block to attempt to make all the frets perfectly level. Sounds good in theory. But there's an inherrent problem.


The Problem

When the guitar is re-strung and brought up to tension (and tuned to pitch) the neck starts to move, as it's supposed to, into its very slight upward bow. More likely than not, when the guitar is played it buzzes. For most luthiers or guitar techs, this is standard practice. They then remove the strings and try again. They get close but they never quite achieve a perfect fret level. Why? The standard fret-leveling procedure does not take into account the final upward curve of the neck at tension, when its being played. 


The Solution 

The Katana system allows our guitar techs to leave the strings on, at tension and the guitar tuned up to play. The Katana tool is positioned on the neck and adjusted (it also has a truss rod inside) to match the curve of the neck. It's then further positioned between the strings utilizing its clever design and the guitar tech begins sanding the frets. Once the sanding is complete and prior to any fret dressing that is needed, the guitar tech can play the guitar, as is, to see if they've sanded enough to eliminate and high or uneven frets.


Easier To Play

There's no doubt that the Katana prduces a fret-level only dreamed of by players. Your guitar plays better, feels better and allows you to play longer with less fatigue. The low action lets you glice across the frets.


Way More Fun

Because your guitar plays great, it's more fun to play. When you're not fighting high action or hearing buzzing, you're more to allow yourself to enjoy the learning process.


Highly Recomended

Not only do we recomend getting a Katana fret-level but over 75% of new Fretlight owners add the Kanata service to their orders. Add that to a new set of Dean Markely strings and you're set!

The Katana Fret-Level system and tool is covered under International Patents and Patents pending as well as U.S. Patent US9224369B2. PLEASE NOTE: All of our electrics are set-up with 10 gauge strings (10-46) and our acoustics are set-up with light gauge strings (11-52).

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