BlackStar SilverLine SilverSPCL50 50W 1X12" Digital Guitar Amp

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Product Overview

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Blackstar are proud to introduce the stunning new Silverline series of guitar amps.

Building on the critically acclaimed ID:Series technology, these digital amps feature a unique dual patent design, with a high-powered SHARC processor to deliver uncompromising tone for every playing style.

Using patented TVP technology, the Response control delivers the dynamics, sag and break-up of 6 classic valve power amps. Combined with 6 unique Blackstar Voices, ISF tone shaping and studio quality effects these amps give you the tools to achieve the sound in your head.

USB connectivity and speaker emulated outputs make it simple to capture your tones in Super Wide Stereo at home or in the studio.

Blackstar’s new Silverline Series are the only amps available today that combine high-end digital flexibility, with stunning boutique style and guitarist-friendly controls.

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 High-end digital performance and flexibility  Proven intuitive guitarist-friendly controls
 High-powered SHARC DSP
 Enhanced replacement for ID:TVP

 Celestion V-Type speakers
 Stunning new boutique styling  Metal ‘coffin’ logo

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review