Blackstar IDFS10 Multi Function Footswitch for ID Series Amps

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Take Complete Control of Your Blackstar ID:Series Amp

Take complete control of your amp with the Blackstar ID:Series FS-10 Footswitch. This multifunction footswitch is designed to give you unprecedented control of any Blackstar ID:Series amplifier. The FS-10 lets you navigate patches, effects, turn on and off the tuner, and set the tap tempo through various modes. The Patch Mode lets you switch between three banks of patches, the same ones available on the front of the amp, and activates the built-in tuner. Individually turn on and off your effects while in Effects Mode. In Navigation Mode, you can choose from all 128 stored patches to access any and every sound that you've created. Take the stage armed with the Blackstar ID:Series FS-10 Footswitch and access your amp like never before.



Blackstar ID:Series FS-10 Multifunction Footswitch Features at a Glance:

  • Powerful, multifunction footswitch gives you access to tons of amp functions
  • Patch Mode: Lets you switch between 3 banks of 4 patches and the tuner
  • Effects Mode: Offers access to effects and tap tempo settings
  • Navigation Mode: Complete access to all 128 stored patches
  • Rugged metal design with indicator lights and LED patch display

Take control of your ID:Series amp with the Blackstar ID:Series FS-10 Footswitch!

Tech Specs

Type Footswitch
Number of Footswitch Buttons 4
Manufacturer Part Number IDFS10