Audix DP7 7 piece Drum Microphone Package Industry Standard and Best Seller

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Product Overview



The DP7 professional drum microphone pack represents an outstanding combination of seven microphones designed to meet the demands of today's professional drummer, both on the stage and in the studio.

Included in the DP7 drum microphone package is the D6, Audix's flagship kick drum microphone, two – D2 dynamic drum microphones for rack toms, one D4 for floor tom, the i5 for snare and a pair of ADX51 studio condenser microphones for overhead miking. Also included are four D-Vice rim mount clips for the snare and tom microphones, and three heavy duty tension fit microphone clips for the other three microphones. Everything is conveniently packaged in a foam-lined aluminum road case for safe keeping when the microphones are not in use.


- All-in-one solution for miking drums
- Instrument-specific mics for optimal results
- Rugged Audix quality
- Great for stage and studio
- Dflex clips for easy positioning
- Road case



Whether on stage or in the studio,, the DP7 drum pack is the ideal collection of


microphones for the standard fve piece drum kit.. Audix VLM


dynamic mics manage

the transients of the drums at close range while the condensers capture the cymbals

and a stereo image of the entire kit from overhead.. This award--wwinning combination

of microphones,, clips and mounting accessories is packaged securely within a rugged

aluminum carrying case..



Professional set of 7 drum mics for stage or studio




ADX51 condensers for overheads add spacial dimension




Recognized industry--wwide for exceptional performance and consistency


The D6 for kick drum and the i5 for snare are must--hhaves for every

drummer.. The

kick and snare are considered the core of any drum kit and the foundation for every

groove.. Close miking insures that they will be captured in the mix.. If either the kick or

the snare is unable to be heard,, there is simply no groove.. The D2 and D4 are industry

standards for toms and foor toms.. Being high SPL dynamic microphones,, the D6,,

i5,, D2 and D4 excel at “cclose miking””.. This miking technique is required in order to

capture the attack and percussive sound of the drum.. By having the mic close to the

source of the sound,, it helps to isolate and control the sound of each drum..



Supporting the idea that “lless is more””,, many engineers will use just

two overhead

mics to capture the natural sound of the complete drum kit.. With two overhead mics,,

positioned correctly,, it is absolutely true that you can capture the transients,, tonality

and balance of the kit in a completely phase--ccoherent manner..

The ADX51,, a pre--ppolarized condenser microphone with a 14mm gold sputtered

diaphragm,, is designed with overhead applications in mind.. Due to its cardioid

pickup pattern,, high sensitivity and slim pencil design,, the two ADX51 mics can be

easily positioned overhead to provide a nice stereo image of the entire drum kit..


With contemporary music and the volumes typically generated on stage,, it is


practical and efective to create a blended efect of close miking and a stereo image

of the entire kit from overhead.. The D6 will help provide the earthshaking lows and

the attack of the kick;; the i5 will reinforce the depth and crack of the snare;; the D2 and

D4 will pick up the attack and overtones of the toms,, and the ADX51 overheads will

pick up the hi--hhat,, cymbals and the ambience of the entire kit.. With the DP7,, drums

will maintain their sound integrity and critical presence,, regardless of the size of the

room and PA system.. 


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